Winter Rose, Ingrid Starnes

— Ingrid Starnes, Auckland

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Xanthe White Design has had the pleasure of collaborating with fashion label Ingrid Starnes on a number of beautiful projects, from hanging baskets to floating kokedama orchids and living window gardens.

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Our most recent installation for Ingrid’s Summer 2018 collection took inspiration from a beautiful custom print on silk featuring Hellebore blooms and foliage. We created two woodland window displays from found logs complete with planted hellebores, babys tears and moss.

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We were thrilled to see the gardens grow and live on in the stores for almost two months - they even developed their own ecosystems!

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A permanent addition to the brand's stores in both Ponsonby and Vulcan Lane, Xanthe White Design created custom copper rings which serve both as architectural features for the store's interior, as well as a vessel for a beautiful hanging garden.

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Varieties of Hoya sprawl fourth from copper planters, intwining the 'chandelier' and flowering from such a height that the suspended, waxy, scented blooms can be admired by all.

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The following gallery shows various collaborations with Ingrid and her team. We look forward to working with them again in the future!

Project details

Key Plants

Helleborus orientalis, Hoya spp., Soleirolia soleirolii,


- 2018


Ingrid Starnes
New Zealand


Xanthe White Design


Neeve Woodward

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