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Zoë Carafice
31st March 2020

100 Seeds

A few weeks ago I started a 100 Day Project, I decided I would plant a seed every day for 100 days.

The 100 Day Project is a concept originally created by teacher and designer Michael Beirut for his Yale School of Art students, and it has become a worldwide movement where people choose one small creative act to do every day for 100 days.

This creative act can be anything, a few years ago I drew a matchbox sized ink sketch every day for 100 days, some people take a photo of the sky, or write a short poem or make a pottery bowl. It’s about just picking something small that inspires you and committing to doing this every day, no matter how you feel or what happens in your life, just doing this one small creative act. It’s an amazing experience to watch your creative ebbs and flows and to see what happens to the amount of creativity we have to give when we really practice something every day, even for a few minutes.

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So I decided, for no particular reason, to plant a seed every day. I would find a seed to plant, and then plant it and also draw it as a record. I bought some little plant pots and started collecting seeds.

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This is the perfect time of year to collect seed and as soon as I started I began to see them everywhere I went, and noticed seed heads on plants I had never paid much attention to.

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Friends started bringing me seeds they had found in their gardens and now I am finding so many different seeds on walks around the neighbourhood. I have some little envelopes and have started saving them, and all of a sudden I have my own personal seed bank. Sometimes I forget to do my seed for the day and have to jump out of bed to quickly do it, but this is all part of it. Some days when I’m tired I don’t feel like doing it, and I think I don’t draw well, but this is also the point, to get our heads out of the way, to stop judging ourselves and to just kindly bring ourselves back to the one small act, and carry on.

And so right now we are a nation in lockdown, searching for routine and rhythm in our days and I wonder if this is something that could help us all. And even our kids? What is something that makes you feel inspired right now?

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Can you pick one tiny thing to do for yourself, even if it’s picking a flower on your daily walk, and do this every day, it might just grow into something beautiful that we can look back on and celebrate one day.

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Words & Photography by Zoë Carafice

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